Trail Rides

Campers will be able to ride one of our scenic trails through the Hill Country.

Water Gun Picasso

Campers shoot paint on their canvases to create a truly unique and fun piece of art!

Water Park

The exciting Camp OTX Waterpark is the place to be with plenty of fun water activities.


Whether in the cage or on the field, campers participate in fun drills and competitive games to improve softball skills.

Swim Lessons

For our non-swimmers or those who may feel insecure in the water, we strongly encourage campers to sign up for this class.


Campers of all skill and experience levels can “ace” this class!


Campers learn the basics of foot skills, juggling, dribbling, passing, shooting, offensive and defensive positions During this fun, fast-paced class.


Campers get the opportunity to create beautiful mosaic masterpieces!

Dance Hip Hop

This Morning Class features fun hip hop music with a street-dance flair. 


Campers in DEBUT will get to know Camp OTX through their activities as a group with friends and counselors.